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Welcome to Dy Wolpert Programs at DyLo House, the leading beachfront holistic health care treatment program for men and women suffering from fear, depression, anxiety, mood disorders, eating disorders, addictions (drugs, alcohol, sex, shopping, gambling, etc.,) as well as issues related to trauma & bullying. 

Here at Dy Wolpert Programs, we’re aware of the complexities of treating people who struggle with these disorders. The thoughts you have control every aspect of your life. Most people describe their life as being on a "hamster wheel" causing you to feel "stuck" in the same places over and over again".  

The thoughts whether positive or negative are at the center of all your problems. People who suffer from their own thoughts feel compelled to act on the thoughts, not questioning the thoughts. The thoughts you hear inside your head, you hear as your own voice which causes you confusion, as if you are fulfilling a desire or instant gratification, without regard to any consequences. The thoughts you believe are yours are not. The thoughts are not actually what you experience. What you are not saying is you are "listening & paying attention" to a voice. The voice is in place for you to protect a secrete relationship.  

The voice often described as thoughts betrays you, lies, and the voice is NOT REALLY there in your head, however you believe they are all real. What is real is the secrete relationship you are protecting. The voice tells you to eat "safe foods" facilitates listening & Paying attention. Te eating disorder foods maintains the connection between you and the voice.  

People with who suffer from fear, depression, anxiety, mood disorders, eating disorders, addictions (drugs, alcohol, sex, shopping, gambling, etc.,) trauma, and bullying have an intense fear which provide why people obey their thoughts despite harmful personal and professional consequences.  The negative voice or thoughts can be stopped.

We understand "it is" about the eating disorder, the safe food & sexual feelings. The food is key to the connection between all the lies and deceptions.  The voice or thought tells you to eat a certain way so that you are small "childlike", or eat more to recreate the voice's trauma you are big "adult-like" and the voice becoming small "childlike. The "voice" is connected to you through the food, alcohol, drugs, gambling, compulsive repetitive behaviors, or shopping. These are just symptoms which control the real problem. For people who have suffered with these types of disorders, it can be frightening to ever imagine recovery or not having the "sharing of feelings" which you falsely believe to be "special" but secrete relationship.

We know that eating disorders, addictions, and dissociation can provide a sense of safety and comfort. It's "like you're inside a protective bubble". They give you what you’ve stopped getting in relationships: trust and dependability. They don’t judge you, reject you or betray you…but eventually, they will invade every aspect of your life and destroy you. 

Dr. Dy Wolpert understands the stress and anxiety experienced when making the choice to enter treatment. He recognizes the struggle and the vulnerability, and that is why he makes a commitment to each individual that Dy Wolpert Programs at DyLo House will be a safe place and a place with people who are guided by values of compassion, hope and healing. 

Dy Wolpert Programs has several treatment options starting with: Confidential and Private consultation.  We have Individual  & Group Treatments, Intensive Outpatient Treatment, and Outpatient Treatment options which are all uniquely designed to meet each persons individual needs.

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You are not alone! Together, we can help you heal!


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Dr.Dy Wolpert and his inspirational staff are prepared to help you through your recovery.  With individualized treatment programs tailored to meet your needs, the journey along with reintegrating back into the community will be successful.

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MEMBERSHIPS & ASSOCIATIONS International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation Eating Disorder Referral and Information Center
AED-Association of Eating Disorders
NEDA- National Eating Disorders Association 
IADEP- International Association of Eating Disorders Professionals 
ANAD- National Association of Anorexia and Associated Disorders
BEDA- Binge Eating Disorder Association

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